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Sanaa, OCHA discuss ways to develop cooperation in media field

SANAA, May 20 (YPA) – Sanaa-based Minister of Information, Dhaifallah Al-Shami, stressed the importance of developing the cooperation and partnership in the media field with the UN office.

This came during his meeting with the Chief of OCHA’s Strategic Communications Branch, Najwa Mekki, and the Head of the Information Analysis and Communication Unit at the OCHA Office in Yemen, Ibrahim Al-Haddad.

At the meeting, Al-Shami affirmed that the great role played by the UN in conveying the grievances of the Yemeni people and supporting the official media to enable it to perform its duty in improving the image of the United Nations through a cooperation mechanism and program that reflects the suffering of the Yemenis.

The minister pointed out the crimes that the American-backed Saudi-Emirati coalition committed in Yemen by targeting of media institutions, radio broadcasting stations, and the killing of media professionals and journalists.

He pointed to the challenges facing humanitarian work in Yemen, in light of the United Nations offices and bodies shirking their duties in providing assistance to millions of Yemenis who are suffering as a result of the aggression, siege, and humanitarian crisis that the country has been subjected to.