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Governor of Aden calls on citizens to extract their rights from coalition

ADEN, May 15 (YPA) – The governor of Aden province, Tariq Sallam, appointed by the Sanaa government, on Wednesday called on the people of Aden city to extract their legitimate rights from the Saudi-led coalition countries, whatever the sacrifices.

The governor said in a post on the “X” platform, “The humiliation and intimidation practiced by the cowardly Saudi-Emirati occupation forces against the people of Aden have reached unprecedented levels, and the simple human being in Aden has become worthless for his existence and life in the dictionary of these fools.”

Sallam addressed the people of Aden by saying, “Today you are concerned with restoring your legitimate rights, and no one or any party, no matter how strong and powerful they are, is able to stand against you if you respond to the call for dignity and pride.”

He continued, “Today you are facing a historic milestone, with the stances you have taken and the great sacrifices that require you to exert more persistence and determination in order to rise from the mire into which the occupier and its tools have placed you.”

The governor stated that there is no way for the people of Aden but to continue the path of struggle and follow in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers, who resisted the British occupation for more than a century and a quarter of a century until they defeated the most powerful empires of invasion and occupation during the past century.

Sallam pointed out that they would be able to “crush a group of cheap mercenaries and defeat them irreversibly.