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In video: Vanguards of Liberation declares responsibility for killing of Zionist businessman in Egypt

CAIRO, May 09 (YPA) – A group calling itself “Vanguards of Liberation – the group of the martyr Mohamed Salah,” announced on Wednesday it held its accountability for the assassination of a Zionist man in the city of Alexandria.

Tthe group, which bore the name of the martyr Mohamed Salah, said that the operation came in response to the massacres committed by the Zionist enemy in the Gaza Strip.

“We witnessed the horrors to which our people in Gaza are exposed, and the massacres from which no child or woman has been spared, even infants in nurseries, the group posted a statement on the Telegram platform. “However, we have waited for real official reactions, even if only for the sake of raising censure and saving face, but betrayal is the title of the stage, so we decided to resume the popular march in confrontation and target the enemy that is rampaging in our land, shedding blood, plundering wealth, and buying off rulers.”

It added: “More than 200 days of horrific massacres and the storming of the Rafah crossing without anyone moving in the world is ruled by a Zionist criminal regime.”

The group stressed that this operation has been a step in the struggle of the Egyptian people against the Zionist enemy since the 1948 war, and a continuation of the guerrilla operations of the martyr Suleiman Khater, Ayman Hassan, the Egyptian Revolution Group, and the heroic martyr Mohamed Salah, who last year carried out an operation near the Al-Awja crossing that resulted in the killing of a number of Zionist enemy soldiers.