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Citizens find slaughtered body of slaughtered elderly man in Lahj

LAHJ, May 06 (YPA) – Citizens in the Halimin Radfan District of Lahj province in southern Yemen found on Monday a slaughtered body of an elderly man in his seventies.

According to local sources, the body of Sheikh Musaed Nasser Al-Mas was found slaughtered on Helya Road, behind the Habil Al-Raydah village in Halimin District.

Sheikh Musaed is considered one of the social figures and notables and the muezzin of the Grand Mosque in the Habil Al-Rayda district.

The sources explained that Sheikh Musaed had a dispute over a plot of agricultural land in the village of Helya, and he was sleeping in a room next to the land, before he was found slaughtered in the same area.