YEMEN Press Agency

United States suffers heavy losses in Red Sea operations

WASHINGTON, April 16 (YPA) – The United States of America revealed on Tuesday the cost of its losses in Red Sea operations during the past months.

“We have exhausted munitions worth a billion dollars to confront 130 attacks on American ships in the Red Sea,” US Navy Secretary General Carlos Del Toro said.

“Spending on ammunition has increased significantly,” he added. “Congress must agree to increase spending so that we can obtain additional resources.”

Del Toro called on his country’s government to provide more than two billion dollars to the naval forces to be able to replenish munitions and provide types of defensive measures.

Earlier, the Breaking Defense military website indicated to the “Pentagon is counting on an additional budget from Congress to help replenish $1 billion worth of ammunition that the US Navy has exhausted due to recent naval operations in the Red Sea and Middle East.”