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Dozens of Nashima oil port employees in Shabwa call for strike

SHABWA, March 04 (YPA) – Dozens of workers and employees of the Nashima oil port in the coalition-held factions Shabwa province, called on a general strikes to demand paying their financial dues.

In a statement, the participants affirmed that they will start a strike in protest against the failure of the coalition-backed government to pay their salaries for the months of January and February of this year.

The employees stressed taking escalation steps after failure of all mediation and efforts to solve their problem and deliver concerns and alleviate their suffering.

The statement noted that “the workers will stop the process of transporting crude oil to the power station in Aden city if the government does not meet their demands.”

This comes in conjunction with the announcement of the general strike in all sectors by the union of workers in Aden city in protest against the economic deterioration and the double suffering of the workers due to the rapid collapse of the local currency against foreign currencies and the rise in the prices of goods in various areas.