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Abdul-Salam:’US-UK strikes will not change Yemen’s position in support of Gaza’

SANAA, March 01 (YPA) – Head of the Sanaa negating delegation, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, confirmed on Thursday that the American-British aggression raids will not change Yemen’s position towards Palestinain poeple in Gaza.

“Yemen’s position regarding Palestine and Gaza is firm as mountains,” he said in a post on X. “Yemen’s stance is growing in support for Gaza.”

Abdul-Salam addressing the aggression countries, saying: “You can save time and effort by stopping the Israeli aggression against Gaza, lifting the siege, and allowing humanitarian aid to enter all of the Gaza Strip.”

“In the face of American and Israeli procrastination, we call on the countries and peoples of the world to intensify pressure by all possible means, and not to remain spectators to the brutal Zionist massacres against the people of Gaza,” he added.