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Sanaa prevents three nationalities from sailing in Red Sea

SANAA, Feb. 21 (YPA) – Deputy Foreign Minister, Hussein Al-Ezzi, affirmed on Wednesday that three nationalities would be prevented from sailing in the Red Sea.

In a news conference in Sanaa, he said that the Israeli, American, and British ships are prohibited from sailing in the Red Sea.

Al-Ezzi pointing out that the American veto in the Security Council, which thwarted the Algerian draft resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza, designate America as the first enemy of peace.

Regarding the inclusion of the “Ansarullah” movement on the American terrorist list, he explained that the designation represents an indicator of the movement’s victory in standing with Palestine.

“If we had accepted their offers, it would have been a stab in the back for Palestine,” Al-Ezzi added.