YEMEN Press Agency

Washington’s losing cards prove its failure against Yemen in Red Sea

SANAA, Feb. 18 (YPA) – Yemen does not back down from its position in support of Gaza despite Washington using three cards to force it to back down from this stance.

In an analysis issued by Yemen Press Agency, the first card was Washington’s alliance to protect ships linked to Israel, the second was the American-British aggression against Yemen, and the third was the American decision to designate the Ansarullah as a terrorist group, which came into effect on Friday.

During this period, despite the American-British aggression, Sanaa-base military operations are continued, targeting ships linked to Israel and British and American warships, which means that Washington has lost the three cards it threw in the battle of confrontation with Sanaa in designating the group on the American terrorist lists. This shows clearly from Sanaa’s position that appeared after the US State Department announced that this decision would enter into force at the end of last week, as the Ansar ullah spokesman and head of the Sanaa negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, who confirmed that Yemen’s position in supporting Gaza will not be affected by the American decision, noting that Yemen armed forces affirmed rejecting the decision through its operation that targeted a British oil ship in the Red Sea one day after the designation entered into force.

After America has lost its three cards in the battle of confrontation with Sanaa and its complete inability to protect Israeli ships, the following question arises: What are America’s future options towards Yemen and what are its next cards that it will use to try to dissuade Yemen from its positions of support for Gaza?

According to experts, America no longer has cards to use against Yemen after the designation decision, especially the decision to attack Yemen is completely unlikely because Washington cannot carry out this attack and enter into a ground war in Yemen for several considerations are known to Washington, which means that Washington has lost.

This battle is with Sanaa, and Sanaa has been achieved a triumph over Washington in this war, by preventing the passage of ships to the ports of the Zionist entity and enforcing a naval blockade and paralyzing movement in the ports of the Israeli occupation since last October.