YEMEN Press Agency

Will Washington abandon most prominent implementers of coalition policies in Yemen?

SANAA, Jan. 09 (YPA) – Prominent media figures loyal to the Saudi-led coalition circulated news about expected changes at the top of the pyramid of the “government” loyal to the coalition in Yemen.

Despite the discrepancy in a number of names to take over the presidency of the “government” instead of Moin Abdulmalik, the name of the leader of the Socialist Party, Waed Bathib, was more common than others among the group of names that were circulated by media professionals.

Many observers of the situation in Yemen believe that Moin Abdulmalik had direct American support, greater than the conditions of Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

However, Washington’s shaky position in the Middle East following the Al-Aqsa Flood operation pushes Washington to go along with the Saudi point of view regarding the situation in Yemen, within the framework of American efforts to regain control of the situation in the Middle East, and in a way that makes Washington less attached to the personalities it adopts in Yemen, including Moin Abdulmalik.

Some believe that the problem of the pro-coalition government does not lie in the person who may head the government as much as it lies in the nature of the performance of the government that the coalition worked to rob it of any components or factors of power in favor of the armed groups.

The Yemeni regions under the control of the coalition are experiencing a state of economic collapse that has led to sharp increases in poverty rates among citizens, in addition to a number of intertwined issues, most notably the collapse of the local currency, the spread of corruption and the plundering of public money, the absence of services in the infrastructure and basic services sectors, and the lack of security.

These are issues that many citizens believe are the result of deliberate decisions by the “government” with the aim of harming the people and weakening the country’s social system in favor of suspicious agendas that serve the coalition countries in occupying and dividing Yemen.