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Red Sea to swallow UAE-backed STC in southern Yemen

ADEN, Dec. 18 (YPA) – Despite the widespread criticism that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) was subjected to due to its positions that it declared its readiness to participate in any international coalition to enable Israeli ships to cross the Red and Arabian Seas after those ships were prevented from crossing by Sanaa forces in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The political authority to the STC returned to expressing its condemnation of what it described as Houthi piracy acts targeting international shipping lanes.”

The authority renewed its readiness to engage in any alliance aimed at confronting the threat that target the international navigation in particular.

According to observers; The STC is working to mix the cards between hostility to the Houthis and standing with the Palestinian people, who have been subjected to genocide operations carried out by Israeli occupation forces in full support of the American administration and the governments of the West, since the 7th of last October.

The head of the STC, Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, a member of the Saudi-formed Presidency Council, had previously announced more than once about his readiness to engage in any coalition facing the Houthi operations that supports the Palestinian people in the Red Sea.

Although the American and Western forces present in the Red Sea are unable to provide protection for Israeli ships; However, the leadership of the STC has been unable to learn the lesson by resubmitting offers to serve the Israeli entity.

The United States and Britain did not dare to start a war at the Sea to protect the Zionist entity, which put the STC in an unenviable position, especially the issue of supporting the Palestinian people enjoys general consensus among the ranks of the Yemeni people in the south and north. However, according to observers, the STC does not care about the people’s positions, following in the footsteps of the Emirati and Saudi regimes, which show unjustified hostile positions towards the Palestinian people that are in the interest of the Israeli entity.

Many political analysts believe that the positions that the STC expressed will place it in further public isolation. Especially the announcement of its leadership’s positions to protect Israeli ships comes in line with a campaign launched by the media outlets loyal to the STC to show hostility to the resistance and the Palestinian people, which confirms that the it positions are not to “protect navigation” as much as they are to protect and support the Israeli occupation in its crimes of genocide of the Palestinian people.

Some believe that the STC’s stance to protect Israeli ships further exposed the reality that it is just a tool in the hands of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and does not carry any national issue.