YEMEN Press Agency

Children of Hodeida take part in vigil in solidarity with Gaza children

HODEIDA, Nov. 20 (YPA) – A children’s protest vigil was organized on Monday in the city of Hodeida in solidarity with the children of the Gaza Strip and to denounce the crimes of the usurping Zionist entity in occupied Palestine.

The participants in the protest raised the Palestinian flag and banners, chanting slogans denouncing the crimes committed by the Zionist enemy against the children of the Palestinian people.

They expressed their strong condemnation of the continued international silence, considering the Arab regimes partners of the Zionist occupation in shedding Palestinian blood and killing children.

The vigil statement blessed the operations carried out by the Yemeni forces in bombing the depths of the Zionist occupation.

The statement called on the free peoples of the Arab and Islamic world to strengthen solidarity with the Palestinians and put pressure on their governments to adopt a project calling for jihad and supporting the Palestinian people and resistance.