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STC dismisses 400 recruits from Abyan for regional motives

ABYAN, Nov. 08 (YPA) – The leaders of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s factions dismissed nearly 400 recruits from the districts of Abyan governorate in the last months and prevented them from reaching their camps and paying their dues due to regional motives that left a state of resentment among the people of the governorate.

Southern media sources reported that the leadership of the “Third Support Brigade ” affilaited with the STC’s factions, whose leaders hail from “Yafa”, directed the security forces not to allow the brigade’s recruits from Abyan to enter the camp after their return from vacation, describing these measures as regional that are not approved by military laws.

The sources pointed out that the STC factions demobilized about 400 recruits from the people of Abyan who continued to move between the camps of the STC factions in Abyan and Aden to obtain their dues without allowing them to return to their camps, stressing that the recruits stayed for nearly a week in front of the camp gate in Abyan without allowing them to enter.

The sources added that the recruits moved to Aden in order to find there who would do them justice during their stay for more than 5 days, but no attention from the leaders of the factions was given to them, affirming that the sept of final demobilization based on regional motives dating back to the eighties of the last century and the summer war of 1994, which was the sons of Abyan the most prominent leaders.

The sources noted that the recruits went during the past days to block the road in the Dofs area near the Hassan checkpoint and detained heavy transport trucks to pressure the STC’s leaders to pay their salaries, but without responding to their demands.

According to the sources, the leaders of the STC factions, which hail from “Al-Dhalea, Yafa and Radfan”, rejected the presence of Abyan recruits among them amid accusations of collaborating with Islah and terrorist elements.

This comes at a time when the STC factions coming from “Al-Dhalea and Yafa” claim to fight Al-Qaeda in the districts of Abyan since August of 2022, including in Mudiya, where they committed widespread violations against the tribesmen under the banner of confronting terrorist elements, the latest of which was the killing of 3 children by the STC’s fire in the center of Mudiya without any reasons.