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WHO: 218 Israeli attacks targeted hospitals in Gaza Strip

GENEVA, Nov. 02 (YPA) -The World Health Organization (WHO) has revealed that it recorded 218 attacks on health facilities in the Gaza Strip.

WHO’s Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said at a press conference in Geneva: “So far, the World Health Organization has confirmed 237 attacks on health facilities, including 218 in the Palestinian territories.”

He considered that “attacks on health facilities are “a violation of international humanitarian law.”

Tedros added, “Since October 7, orders have been issued to 23 hospitals in Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip to evacuate their patients, even though forced evacuation in these circumstances would threaten the lives of patients.”

He also explained that such actions in Gaza result in exposing children and infants to extreme danger. “Asking these patients to move puts them and health workers in a desperate situation, and in most cases, if they are forced to do so, they have nowhere to go.”