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UNICEF: Lives of 120 children are at risk due to running out of fuel in Gaza Strip

GAZA, Oct. 22 (YPA) – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) confirmed on Sunday that 120 newborns placed in incubators are at risk due to the severe shortage of fuel needed to operate electricity generators in hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli occupation has tightened the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007 and prevented supplies of fuel, water, and food supplies after the start of the Al-Aqsa Flood Battle, as the Gaza Strip’s hospitals suffer from a severe shortage of fuel, water, and medicines.

UNICEF spokesman Jonathan Krekes told “Agence France-Presse”, “We currently have 120 newborns in incubators, 70 of whom are connected to ventilators, and of course this causes us great concern.”

Child and maternity departments in the Gaza Strip need energy as a primary source for treating children in incubators and helping them breathe in order to ensure their survival because they are not fully growing in the mother’s womb.

The World Health Organization said on Thursday that hospitals had run out of fuel to operate generators.

The organization indicated that 1,000 dialysis cases in the Gaza Strip are also at risk if the generators stop working.