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Disgrace that time will not erase; United States sponsors murders of women and children

SANAA, Oct. 21 (YPA) – The American media continues its campaign of misinformation about the course of the war of extermination to which the residents of Gaza City are being subjected at the hands of the Israeli occupation.

 The New York Times newspaper has recently published a report about the benefits that American arms manufacturing companies gain from the Israeli attack on the Palestinian city of Gaza.

 Israel will get what it wants and someone will have to pay the price

 The New York Times report, which was republished by Arab media outlets, attempted to show the American government’s position regarding the genocidal massacres of Palestinians in Gaza, considering that these are the same repeated positions that the United States takes regarding wars in various parts of the world by claiming that American arms companies are the beneficiaries of these wars by selling weapons, and claiming that Israel, like others, must pay for the weapons coming from the United States, without any privileges for the pampered “Israel.”

 Such descriptions contradict the fact that the American administration has shown an unconditional willingness to support Israel with everything it needs to continue the genocidal war against the Palestinians in Gaza without waiting for the amount of financial profits that Washington will reap from supporting Israel.

Israeli occupation aircraft bomb Gaza without a target

If the US administration is willing to spend US taxpayer money to support crimes against humanity in bombing and killing the people of Gaza, this is because of the complicity of US media institutions in the misinformation campaign underway to obscure the truth about the genocide crimes happening in Gaza. This confirmed the truth of the perceptions held by the people of the world that the United States is merely a state sponsor of the murders of women and children.

Many observers believe that the flow of American weapons and military personnel to the Israeli entity would not have stopped if the American administration had not purchased weapons from American companies and sent them to Israel because the companies themselves would send the weapons directly to Tel Aviv before sending the invoice to the White House.

Between Gaza and Ukraine

 The American media is trying to add a touch of elegance by claiming that what is happening in Gaza is similar to everything that is happening around the world, ignoring the fact that Gaza City has been razed to the ground.

 The Israeli bombing even targeted hospitals, schools, and UN camps, and the number of civilian deaths in Gaza in just ten days is close to a third of the number of civilian deaths that occurred in Ukraine during a year and nine months.

 If the Israeli occupation forces are allowed to continue their barbaric bombing of Gaza for an additional two weeks, we will likely have a number of casualties equal to at least the civilian casualties in Ukraine over a period of 21 months.

The children of Gaza do not know where the places are that are not subject to Israeli bombing

 What is happening in Gaza is bypassing the right to “self-defense.” It is the largest crime of genocide in history and is occurring with full American support and care that does not tolerate any evasion or disavowal. No political or military gains can justify the extent of the heinous crime adopted by the United States and committed by the Israeli occupation forces against the Palestinians.