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Shabwa tribes prepare to react to death of kidnapped person in UAE-run prison.

SHABWA, Sept. 07 (YPA) – An abducted recruit perished as a result of horrific torture inside a UAE-run prison days after his captivity in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen, reputable sources said on Thursday.

Human rights sources in the province stated that “Saddam Hassan Mujareb Al-Sulaimani,” a conscript in the Islah Party’s “21 Mecha Brigade,” died inside a detention center supervised by Emirati officers in the provincial city of Ataq in Shabwa days after his abduction.

Al-Sulaimani was subjected to severe physical and psychological torture, which ultimately resulted in his death, the sources added.

The sources said that the Emirati command requested the family of Al-Sulaimani to receive their son’s dead body, but the request was rejected, indicating that the Al-Sulaimani tribe’s notables convened an emergency meeting to discuss the crime.