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Al-Qirbi warns of repercussions from Saudi-Emirati conflict on Yemen’s unity

SANAA, June 09 (YPA) – Abu Bakr Al-Qirbi, the former foreign minister, questioned seriousness of Thursday’s statement issued by the Gulf ministerial meeting, which declared adherence of the two sides (Saudi Arabia and UAE)  to “Yemen’s unity and sovereignty.”

In a tweet on his “Twitter” on Friday, al-Qirbi called for translating the statements of the two sides into clear positions that confront threats to Yemen’s unity and violation of its sovereignty.

“Yemen’s unity and ending the conflict are facing many obstacles “as a result of the intersection of local and regional interests and rivalries, as well as sparing Yemen the scheme of drowning it in the  internal conflicts that facilitate domination of its capabilities”, al-Qirbi said.

It is worth noting that the agendas aimed at dividing Yemen have clearly escalated since early May, and observers believe that this escalation aimed at imposing the fragmentation of Yemen comes with the encouragement of the United States and Britain.