YEMEN Press Agency

Health minister meets UN official

SANAA, July 3 (YPA) – Minister of Public Health and Population Taha al-Mutawakel met on Tuesday with the Resident Representative of the United Nationals and Humanitarian Coordinator for Yemen, Lise Grande.

The officials discussed the suffering of the Yemeni patients because of the shortage of medicine supplies’ import, which have been blockaded by the Saudi-led coalition on Yemen since 2015.

Al-Mutawakel reviewed the disastrous health situation in Yemen as a result of targeting the infrastructure of the health sector and a scarcity of medicines, medical solutions and supplies.

Meanwhile, the UN official said that she saw the sad humanitarian situations during a visit to the displaced internal persons (IDPs)’s camp in Hodeidah province, surprising there is no active support by the international humanitarian organizations for the health sector in Yemen.

Lise Grande said that she would work hard  with the UN humanitarian organizations to support Yemen’s health sector.

Ali Ahsan