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Al-Beidh calls for finding Yemeni political equation away from foreign interference

SANAA, June 01 (YPA) – Son of the former vice president of the Presidency Council in Yemen, Hani Ali Salem Al-Beidh, has called on all political forces and parties in southern and northern Yemen to take responsibility for finding serious and sustainable political solutions.

In a series of tweets on his Twitter account, Al-Beidh said, “It is time for active political parties and forces in Yemen to search for sustainable political solutions and create a peaceful process that imposes itself on local, regional, and international levels.”

He added, “Waiting for miracles with the intervention of external parties will not bring magical solutions that satisfy everyone but rather ensure their interests.”

Al-Beidh argued that the country has entered a complex phase of conflicting projects, agendas, and identities, regional divisions, and a blockage in the peace process due to the margins of settlements in light of the changing political scene.

He stressed the need to develop solutions for the post-armistice and the state of no peace and no war away from foreign agendas and commandments to get out of the quagmire of conflicts and wars.

“The war has halted development and caused instability in Yemen, which has an important and vital position in the region,” he said, noting that Yemen would continue to suffer from the effects of this war for years to come.

Al-Beidh stated that “any political party or national forces cannot manage the upcoming entitlements and balances unilaterally and use them in their favor, regardless of hypothetical political or military victories they achieve.”

He stressed the importance of maintaining a state of agreement and true participation in any project that is good for all Yemenis, which can only be achieved through a national peace process.