YEMEN Press Agency

STC imposes exorbitant financial taxes on northern traders in Dhalea

DHALEA, May 29 (YPA) – The UAE-funded Transitional Council (STC)’s factions imposed on Monday exorbitant financial taxes on shop-owners from the sons of the northern provinces in Dhalea city, south of Yemen.

Local sources attributed the rise in violations against merchants, vendors, and rugs from the northern provinces in various southern cities to the incitement campaigns launched by STC’s activists on social media, due to the absence of state authorities in the areas that the Saudi-led coalition claims to liberate.

The sources reported that “many merchants are subjected to extortion by force of arms, which forced a number of citizens to leave those cities.”

Head of the STC, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, by appointing him as deputy head of the Saudi-formed Presidential council, is working to achieve his project to restore situations in the southern and eastern provinces of Yemen to what was before achieving national unity on May 22, 1990.