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Journalist threatened with death in Marib

MARIB, May 26 (YPA) – A journalist is threatened with death for publishing corruption cases of oil and gas revenues in Marib province, which is under the control of Saudi-led coalition forces.

Journalist Ali Aweidah reported that he received letters threatening to physically liquidation from a person known to him as “pro-Islah party, following talk about corruption in the gas sector.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, journalist Aweidah attached a picture of a WhatsApp conversation that included a death threat if he did not stop and stop writing.

He pointed out that he has been subjected to a number of threats during the past period following talk about corruption in the oil and gas sector, which is subject to the exploitation of the coalition.

WhatsApp messages published by journalist Aweidah revealed the involvement of those behind the threat to commit a number of assassinations in Marib and throw their bodies in Wadi Obeida.