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Aviation Authority suspends UN flights to Sanaa airport

SANAA, March 25 (YPA) – Yemen’s Civil Aviation Authority in Sanaa suspended international flights coming to Sanaa airport, except for one day a week, as a result of popular discontent with the arbitrary measures regarding commercial flights.

Khaled Al-Shayef, a director of Sanaa International Airport, pointed out that the Yemeni airline’s leadership in Aden restricted sales in Sanaa and prevents travelers from obtaining tickets.

Al-Shayef affirmed that stopping the issuance of tickets and reservations from Sanaa and the provinces would double the suffering of travelers.

“Instead of increasing the number of flights and their destinations, we were surprised by new restrictions affecting travelers and patients,”he added.

Al-Shayef went on to say: “Since the beginning of the armistice until today, Ministry of Transport in Sanaa has been keen to provide all facilities to the Yemenia Airways and also travellers.