YEMEN Press Agency

100 Moroccan personalities call for ending normalization with Israeli occupation

RABAT, March 23 (YPA) – One hundred Moroccan personalities have called on the government to “end normalization with the occupation and apartheid,” in reference to the Israeli occupation.

This came in an appeal signed by political and economic figures, human rights activists, and citizens.

“If the Moroccan government considers the issue of Palestine a national issue of the first order for Morocco, as stated in the royal court’s statement, then Morocco’s official policy towards the enemies of Palestine’s independence cannot be to treat them as allies,” the appeal said.

It called on the Moroccan government to “strictly condemn the military occupation of Palestine, sever any relationship with the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and sever any relationship with the apartheid regime that occupies Palestine.”

The appeal stressed that “this government is considered the most extremist Israeli government, and it is now in charge of conducting the military occupation, without the mask of democracy this time, which will inevitably lead to its isolation at the international level.”