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Local Administration Ministry reviews losses during eight years of coalition war

SANAA, March 21 (YPA) – The Ministry of Local Administration reviewed, in a press conference held in Sanaa on Tuesday, the losses suffered by the local authority bodies as a result of the Saudi-led coalition’s war and siege during the past eight years.

In the statement issued by the conference, the Ministry revealed that the cost of initial losses and damages amounted to about 60 billion riyals, while indirect losses exceeded 200 billion riyals, pointing out that the losses were calculated according to the prices that prevailed in 2015, which means that the cost may exceed 700 billion riyals according to current exchange rates.

The ministry stated that the direct losses resulted from the coalition’s targeting of 49 government compounds in 17 provinces, of which 43 complexes were completely destroyed and six complexes were partially destroyed, totaling about 40 percent of the total government complexes.

The Deputy Minister of Local Administration, Dr. Qassem Al-Homran, indicated during the conference that the coalition destroyed 11 complexes in the provinces, namely Amran, Saada, Rayma, Bayda, Dhamar, Jawf, Dhalea, Lahj, Abyan, and Aden.

Al-Homran pointed out that the coalition targeted 38 government compounds for a number of districts, including five districts in Saada, which are Qataber, Munabeh, Sheda, Al-Zaher, Al-Malaheedh, Razih, and Haidan; four districts in Amran, which are Harf Sufyan, Al-Qaflah, Houth, and Bani Suraim; and four districts in Hodeida, which are Bayt Al-Faqih, Al-Mansoriya, Al-Durayhimi, and Al-Munira.

He added that the coalition aircraft destroyed the buildings of government complexes in the districts of Sanhan, Bani Bahloul, Arhab, Bilad al-Rous and Hamdan in Sanaa province, as well as complexes in the districts of Mastaba, Haradh and Midi in Hajjah, the districts of Mocha, Thubab and Haifan in Taiz, and the districts of Al-Sha’er, Al-Radmah and Al-Odain in Ibb province, the districts of Utma and Al-Manar in Dhamar, the districts of Harib and Serwah in Marib province, the districts of Kharab Al-Marashi and Al-Matma in Jawf, the districts of Khor Maksar and Dar Saad in Aden province, Al-Jaafariya district in Rayma, the district of Shibam Kawkaban in Mahweet, and Al-Qabitah in Lahj province.

According to the ministry statement, the direct damages and losses included the sectors of cleanliness, improvement, the environment, and medical waste in the capital Sanaa and the provinces, in addition to the injuries among workers in these sectors.

The coalition also caused the destruction of a number of pieces of equipment for the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Mahweet province and the Haradh district in Hajjah province and damaged the Haradh border crossing, disrupting work there. It also targeted the central garbage dump, the western corniche, the southern roundabout, the airport roundabout, parts of the 22 May Gardens, Al-Asbahi, Miami Park, and parts of the Yemen Mobile roundabout and the roundabout Al-Gharassi in the city of Hodeida.

The statement pointed out that the coalition destroyed Saada’s old slaughterhouse at a cost of 600 million riyals and Dahyan’s slaughterhouse at a cost of 600 million riyals completely, in addition to the partial destruction of the al-Talh slaughterhouse at a cost of 80 million riyals.