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Industry Minister directs to investigate into report about yogurt factory

SANAA, March 16 (YPA) – Minister of Industry and Trade, Mohammed Sharaf Al-Mutahar, directed on Thursday an investigation into a complaint against a yogurt factory by printing an advanced date on the production boxes.

Najeeb Al-Athari, a Director General of Operations at the Ministry , said that the joint committee of the ministry and the Yemeni Authority for Standardization, Metrology and Quality Control, commissioned by the Minister of Industry, visited the factory and verified the safety of manufacturing procedures.

He pointed out that the investigation committee confirmed the progress of the production process, up to the stage of printing the production dates, as well as the inspection of the factory’s warehouses and the transfer of goods to the markets, and did not find any validity for what was reported of a violation in the printing of the date.

Al-Athari called on activists on social media not to be drawn into rumors, and to fight national industries to serve suspicious goals from where they do not know.

He pointed out that the ministry would deal with any reports very seriously, and investigations are being conducted around them to protect the consumer.