YEMEN Press Agency

Violent confrontations break out in Taiz

TAIZ, March 15 (YPA) – The UAE-backed militias stepped up on Wednesday their military operations against Sana’a forces on the fronts southwest of the city of Taiz, southern Yemen, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources reported that Taiz has witnessed battles since dawn, which the sources described as”violent” and explained that armed groups of “Tariq Saleh” militias launched a large-scale military attack from their positions in the contact lines of Al-Barah front towards the positions of Sana’a forces in Maqbna district.

The sources pointed out that the militias of “Tariq Saleh” tried to break through in front of Maqbna in the direction of the mountains overlooking the camp of Khalid bin al-Walid and Jisr Al-Hamli.

The sources also confirmed that Sanaa forces managed to repel the attack of the recruits of the “First Republican Guard Brigade” in “Humiar” areas and forced them to retreat to their positions.

According to the sources, the two sides used all kinds of medium and heavy weapons in the confrontations, which led to casualties among the two parties.