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Armed gang kidnaps businessman in Mahra

MAHRA, March 05 (YPA) – An armed group kidnapped a businessman in Yemen’s Mahra province on Sunday.

According to reliable sources, an armed gang kidnapped businessman Hashim Mohammed Hassan Al-Jafri, the owner of an exchange company, last Thursday in Al-Ghaydha city, Mahra’s capital.

Al-Jafri businessman’s fate is still unknown as no one knows who is behind the kidnapping.

The sources added that the fate of the Al-Jafri businessman is still unknown until now without knowing who is behind the kidnapping.

The province of Mahra is in a state of security instability as a result of the spread of Saudi and UAE militias and their control of Al-Ghaydah Airport, which has been converted into a military base for foreign forces since the end of 2017.