YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi arrangements to return commander of “Ataq Battle” to Shabwa

RIYADH, March 04 (YPA) – A military commander loyal to the Islah party, the “archenemy” of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), has arrived in the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Informed political sources said that Saudi Arabia summoned the Special Security Force commander, Brigadier General Abd Rabbo Laakab, from the Omani city of “Salalah” to Riyadh, amid news that he was returned to Shabwa at the head of Saudi-backed “Dara Al-Watan” forces.

The sources pointed out that Saudi Arabia is making an arrangement for the return of Laakab to Shabwa, as a number of military leaders who were expelled by the “STC” militia in mid-August retuned to the province.

The STC militia looted the house of the leader Laakab, and a number of military leaders who were returned by Saudi Arabia this week to Aden, including Jahdal Hanash.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia is moving to return the leader Mohammed Saleh bin Adio to Shabwa, after his overthrow at the end of 2021, and to return Ramzi Mahrous, former governor of Socotra affiliated with the coalition, who was expelled by the UAE-backed militia with the complicity of Saudi forces in June 2020.