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Official in Sanaa Govt :”Occupation does not build a state”

SANAA, March 03 (YPA) – The governor of Dhamar province – member of the political bureau of Ansarullah, Muhammad Nasser Al-Bukhaiti, said on Friday that “the southern provinces are under occupation.”

Al-Bukhaiti explained in a tweet on his page on Twitter, that “the occupation does not build a state, as much as it searches for spheres of influence.”

He wondered saying “What are the leaders of the components involved in standing by the aggression coalition countries and their media betting on? Are they still betting on building the state, or are they only betting on the continuity of their interests?”

Al-Bukhaiti ridiculed the justification of the Saudi-led coalition’s aggression and siege on Yemen, its killing of innocent people and the starvation of millions under the pretext of restoring the state.