YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa condemns displacement of Abd al-Kuri Island’s residents by coalition countries

SANAA, Feb. 22 (YPA) – The Ministry of Fisheries on Wednesday condemned the Saudi-led coalition countries’ actions on Abd al-Kuri Island in the Socotra archipelago.

In a statement issued today, the ministry condemned the forcible displacement of fishermen and residents of the island, as well as their forced relocation to Hadibo, with the goal of converting the island into an Emirati military post under the control of the Zionist entity.

The ministry explained that the displacement of fishermen and residents of the island comes days after the arrival of Zionist officers to Socotra, and the establishment of barracks and military facilities on Abd al-Kuri Island, as part of the UAE military’s movements and incursions.

The statement considered the occupation forces’ joint military movements with the Zionist entity in the archipelago and the strategic Yemeni islands a threat to the residents of these islands and international navigation, as well as a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty.

The ministry indicated that the escalation against the people of the island coincided with the prevention of fishermen from fishing on the coast of Socotra, as Emirati and Zionist ships overfished and randomly dredged fish and marine life.

The statement blamed the Security Council, the United Nations, and its affiliated organizations for the escalation on Abd al-Kuri Island, and demanded that the aggression coalition forces withdraw from all Yemeni lands, islands, and coasts, as well as cease tampering with marine life and the natural environment in Socotra.

The ministry pointed to the geostrategic importance represented by Abd al-Kuri Island, which is located at a distance of 120 km from Socotra Island, as it is located near six oil sectors and its proximity to the Horn of Africa.