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Maodiya tribes in Abyan mourn 4 of their sons killed by STC militia fires

ABYAN, Jan. 24 (YPA) – Al-Fahttan tribes in Maodiya district of Abyan province on Tuesday, mourned four of its sons were killed by UAE-backed “Southern Transitional” militia fires.

Tribal sources in the province confirmed that the Al-Fahttan tribes in Al-Baqira area, mourned their sons, amid widespread local anger and disapproval in the district.

The sources reported that the funeral of the dead came as the area continued to be cordoned off by militia elements since the early hours of Monday in the village of Al-Baqira.

This came after the transitional militia stormed the homes of Al-Fahttan tribes to break out clashes that left about five dead and nine injured from both sides, most of them tribesmen, including children and women.