YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni riyal continues to fall against foreign exchange in Aden, Hadramout

SANAA, Dec. 03 (YPA) – The Yemeni riyal exchange rate on Saturday continued to fall against foreign currencies in the southern provinces under the control of the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition countries.

The price of one dollar in Aden and Hadramout provinces reached 1,145 riyals, the exchange rate for Saudi riyal reached 306 riyals, and the price of the UAE dirham reached 308 riyals.

Economists emphasized that the unjustified decline of the riyal is not an improvement in the currency exchange rate, but rather a new fraud to lure many citizens into the trap of manipulating exchange rates.

Meanwhile, the exchange rates of currencies remained stable in Sanaa and the areas under the control of the Salvation Government at 560 riyals per dollar.