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Energy Investment Forum emphasizes need to achieve electricity requirements to build economic renaissance

SANAA, Nov. 17 (YPA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor on Wednesday affirmed that the government is obligated to prepare and provide all incentive factors and facilities for the private sector to invest in various sectors, including the investment sector.

This came during his participation in the “second session” investment forum, which was held by the General Authority for Investment in the Capital Sanaa, to discuss investment opportunities in the electricity and energy sector and ways to overcome the challenges that this sector is currently facing in partnership between the government and the private sector in a way that serves the restoration and development of its pivotal role in service Development and requirements for the advancement of the industrial sector.

The Prime Minister referred to the directives of the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdul-Malik  al-Houthi, regarding facilitating and simplifying procedures for the private sector, and mobilizing the different roles of all state institutions to bring about real development in various vital sectors.

Bin Habtoor praised the valuable roles played by the private sector during the years of aggression and blockade and its contribution to providing basic food and medicine needs as well as limited investment in the electricity sector.

He explained that the central and local concerned authorities, in the forefront of the General Authority for Investment and its employees, are concerned with facilitating and simplifying procedures for investors and providing assistance to implement their projects.

He stressed the need to address all bureaucratic procedures and work to overcome the obstacles that prevent the achievement of development and to confront the discouraging practices that some people carry out to obstruct the path of development.

The Prime Minister touched on the outcomes of the first session of the forum, hoping that the General Authority for Investment would have benefited from them in overcoming difficulties and sterile bureaucracy.

He indicated the importance of the dialogue forum in discussing problems and developing solutions jointly between the concerned government agencies and the private sector, which represents the most important pillar in the investment process, explaining that open dialogues lead to positive results, while closed dialogues lead to creating a non-positive environment.

Dr. Bin Habtoor confirmed that the government, through its specialized agencies, will not hesitate to carry out its duties and deal with all responsibility with any serious proposals for the private sector to invest in the production of electric energy, including activating the roles of all parties to ensure the implementation and operation of investment projects in this sector.

He added, “By the grace of God, we are taking steps towards peace, and when peace comes, the stage of reconstruction will come, and development will result in the wheel of the economy turning in a whole way”, pointing out that all state institutions have been affected by the continuation of the aggression and siege, and the harm has affected the Yemeni people.