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Conjoined twins born in Amran city

AMRAN, Sept. 26 (YPA) -A mother on Monday gave a birth to conjoined twins “twins girls” in what is believed to be a first in Amran province.

A medical team at the Maternity and Childhood Hospital in the city of Amran succeeded in performing a caesarean section for performed a cesarean section for a woman who gave birth to conjoined twins connected from the chest and abdomen.

Director General of Maternity Hospital, Dr. Hadi Al-Hamzi, pointed out that the twins are lying in the nursery department at the hospital and need superior medical care to ensure their survival.

He pointed out that the condition of the twins requires taking them to Sanaa for diagnostic tests with resonance rays, to know their health status, especially in the adhesion area in terms of the heart, abdomen and lungs.

He called on organizations to contribute to providing the necessary assistance, because the twins need superior medical care.