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Yemeni riyal hits new low against foreign currencies in southern provinces

SANAA, Aug. 13 (YPA) – The exchange rates of the Yemeni riyal recorded on Saturday a new decline against foreign currencies in the southern provinces of Aden and Hadramout, where the dollar exceeded the barrier of 1,197 riyals.

Meanwhile, foreign exchange rates against the riyal remained stable in Sanaa and the areas under the control of the Salvation Government, at 559 riyals to the dollar.

The exchange rates of the Yemeni riyal against foreign currencies today, Wednesday, 10 August 2022, are as follows:

Yemeni riyal exchange rates in Sanaa:

US dollar = purchase: 558.9 riyals, selling 559.5 riyals

The Saudi riyal = purchase: 148.4 riyals, selling: 148.6 riyals

UAE dirham = purchase: 152 riyals, selling: 152.05 riyals.


Yemeni riyal exchange rates in Aden and Hadramout:

US dollar = purchase: 1187 riyals, selling: 1197 riyals

Saudi riyal = purchase: 313 riyals, selling: 315 riyals

UAE dirham = purchase: 319 riyals, selling: 324 riyals.