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Marib governor confirms readiness to transfer electricity from gas power plant to Sanaa

SANAA, Aug. 04 (YPA) – The Governor of Marib province in Sanaa government, Major General Ali Tua’iman, confirmed on Thursday the province’s readiness to receive electricity from the gas power station, deliver it to Sanaa and the rest of the provinces.

He also confirmed the province’s readiness to repair the damaged network lines if the Saudi-led coalition’s tools connect the electrical network and repair the towers in their areas of control.

During a press conference held in the capital Sanaa, Tua’iman explained that the Marib gas power plant used to cover most of the provinces with electricity before it was cut off and its lines extending from Safer to Nehm were targeted by the coalition militants.

Regarding the initiative of Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi on Marib, the governor confirmed that “the initiative is still valid and the other side should seize the opportunity.”

The governor of Marib called for serious attention to opening roads without exception during the truce, including the opening of roads in Marib and elsewhere.

With regard to the provision of gas to the provinces under the control of the Supreme Political Council and the Salvation Government, Tua’iman revealed that the province leadership continues through a number of sheikhs with the leadership of the pro-coalition local authority to mediate to provide gas to the rest of the provinces, but the latter refused to meet with the mediation sheikhs.