YEMEN Press Agency

Yemen’s truce between palliative injections, people’s demands: Analysis

SANAA, July. 23 (YPA) – The Saudi-led coalition countries have not dealt with the UN truce seriously and adhere to all its terms, but rather dealt with it as an opportunity to catch a breath and a warrior rest to arrange their military situations and repositioning on the fronts, waiting for upcoming confrontations.

In an analysis issued by Yemen Press Agency, this approach can’t built upon for any political dialogue and the search for potentials to solve the Yemeni problem, which has exhausted everyone and left its bad impact on the lives of all Yemenis. Intractable problems are not solved by palliative injections for a while, but by diagnosing the causes that generate them and coming up with practical and realistic results. Therefore, the truce should not turn into a political and media maneuver, but rather it should be dealt with as a noble and humanitarian goal without politicization.

Here, the head of the national negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, had a saying that could be described as wise when he said that “the flagrant violation by the coalition countries of the entitlements of the armistice by not adhering to what was agreed upon had confirms that those countries dealt with the armistice below the required level.”

The coalition countries lost a month and a half from the time of the armistice without any flight to and from Sanaa International Airport and did not deal seriously with flights to the Arab Republic of Egypt, which confirmed that they were fixing other matters behind the armistice that were manifested through clear manipulation with the lofty goal of the armistice represented by the side its humanity.

It is now time to look carefully at any glimmer of hope for stopping the war and putting an end to its tragedies and to search for a solution leading to the establishment of security and peace in all parts of the country, which has been suffered for 8 years more than any other people in the world.