YEMEN Press Agency

Hadhrami Uprising threatens to stop exporting crude oil

HADHRAMAUT, Jun. 25 (YPA) – The leadership of the Emirati-funded “Hadhrami uprising” has threatened to stop exporting crude oil, in protest against the Saudi-led coalition-backed government’s disregard for the demands of the  people of Hadhramaut .

During a meeting held on Saturday, Sheikh Saleh bin Hariz denounced the inaction of the so-called Riyadh-formed Presidential Council and Maeen Abdul-Malik government failure to take into account the demands of the people of the province, and work to implement the promises.

He warned that long patience and pressure on citizens generate explosion, calling on the people of the province to come together to achieve legitimate demands to improve living conditions and services.

The meeting touched the poor services, such as power outage crisis in the Hadhramaut coast and valley in light of extreme heat, increase in food and fuel prices, as well as the continuation of currency collapse, low employee salaries and security imbalances.