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Oil-rich Shabwa heads to chaos, violence: Military analyst

SHABWA, June. 18 (YPA) – A southern military analyst said on Saturday that the oil-rich province of Shabwa, east of Yemen, would be at a crossroads of chaos and violence.

“The situation in Shabwa has become more complicated, and if its people do not realize the seriousness of the situation, they will fall into a cycle of chaos,” the military analyst, Khalid Al-Nassi, affirmed that.

He indicated that the strategically located oil Shabwa is a target for all forces, as it is an armed tribal society, which has many problems and tribal revenges.

The UAE imposed its control over the oil province after the overthrow of the governor, Mohammed Saleh bin Adio, loyal to the Saudi-backed Islah Party, at the end of last December, and the appointment of the new governor, Awadh Mohammed bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaki backed by the UAE-funded Tariq Afash, who brought al-Amaliqa forces from the western coast to Ataq city of the province to take control over the oil fields in Usaylan district in the same province, after the expulsion of Islah militants.

The UAE dispensed with nearly 6,000 members of the “Shabwa Elite” militia, led by Mohammed al-Bohar, and replaced it with the so-called “Shabwa Defense”, loyal to governor al-Awlaki.