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5 Palestinian prisoners continue their hunger strike in Israeli occupation prisons

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Jun. 18 (YPA) – Five Palestinian prisoners inside the Israeli occupation prisons continued on Saturday their open hunger strike, amid the serious deterioration of the prisoner Khalil Awawda, who is entering his 108th day on the open hunger strike.

The Palestinian Prisoners Club confirmed that the five prisoners are on a hunger strike to achieve multiple demands.

The detainee Khalil Awawdeh has been on hunger strike for 108 days in refusal to be held administratively. He is being held in “Asaf Harofeh” Hospital in a critical condition, while the detainee, Raed Rayan, has been on hunger strike for 73 days as well, in refusal of his administrative detention, and he is in “Ramle” prison in a critical condition.

In support of them, prisoner Zakaria Al-Zubaidi continues his hunger strike for the 14th consecutive day, as he is languishing in the cells of “Ayalon-Ramla” prison.

The prisoner, Yaqoub Gwadra, 18 days ago, also, rejects the difficult and oppressive conditions of his isolation in the cells of “Ohlikdar” prison, and demanding the restoration of his rights that were taken from him.

The prisoner, Muhammad Nawara, began a hunger strike again five days ago, in refusal of his continuous isolation for 11 months, in the cells of “Raymond” prison.

The prisoner, Abdullah Al-Barghouti, suspended his hunger strike last Thursday, in protest of his solitary confinement in the cells of “Raymond” prison.