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Information Ministry condemns assassination of journalist Al-Haidari in Aden

SANAA, Jun. 17 (YPA) – The information ministry in the National Salvation Government on Thursday condemned the assassination of the journalist Saber Noman Al-Haidari, a reporter for Japanese TV, by planting and detonating an explosive device planted in his car on Wednesday in the port city of Aden.

In a statement obtained by Yemen News Agency Saba, the ministry said, “The crime is added to a series of crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition forces and mercenaries against Yemeni journalists in the occupied provinces.”

The Ministry held the coalition occupation forces responsible for the assassination of al-Haidari and other free journalists who oppose the aggression and its tools and truly convey the violations and crimes committed in the southern provinces

It recalled the crimes and violations committed over seven years by the coalition forces against media professionals and journalists, whether by targeting them with raids or systematic destruction of various national and local media outlets.

The Statement called on all international press and media unions to condemn the crime, follow up on the detection of those involved and bring them to justice.