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Senior leader: Mahrah’s sheikhs stand against foreign conspiracies and ambitions

MAHRAH, Jun. 16 (YPA) – A senior leader in the Mahrah sit-in committee  has on Thursday affirmed that the sheikhs of the province have played a major role in maintaining security, stability in the province as well as thwarting all the foreign conspiracies and ambitions.

“Hawf’s sons will not allow anyone to disturb security and stability in Mahrah, or issue it to neighbors in Oman, which stands with Yemenis in general and Mahrah in particular,” said Salem Ali Yasser, head of the sheikhs department in the sit-in committee.

“Yemen has wealth and financial resources, but it suffers due to the beggar-thy-neighbor policy and war against the Yemeni people,” Yasser said at the inauguration of the headquarters of the peaceful sit-in committee in the province, based in Hwaf district.

He called on all Yemenis to stand up to the greedy occupation projects of Yemen’s wealth and their barbaric rejection of the people.

In the same context, Mahmoud Ali Yasser, chairman of the sit-in committee in Hawf directorate, stressed that more efforts should be done and focused on political and organizational work, continuing the struggle, and maintaining the security and stability of the province.

He explained that the sons of Hawf set the example on uniting all their components to maintain the security and stability of the directorate, and will be on the side of the local authority to fight dangerous and stingy phenomena affecting the security and stability of the  province.