YEMEN Press Agency

Tensions returned to Abyan

ABYAN, May 20 (YPA) – Tensions returned to Abyan governorate due to conflicts between the Saudi-led coalition’s multi-loyalty military factions in the coastal province.

According to media sources, the troops of the “111th Brigade” loyal to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) refused the deployment of troops from the Presidential Protection Brigades on “the Shaqar- Ahor- Ataq”  road, under pretext that that they were affiliated with the Muslim brotherhood ( Islah party).

The Presidential Protection Forces deployed near 111th Brigade points on the way, justifying the deployment to secure the road, based on instructions from the Minister of Defence in the Coalition-backed government, the sources said.

The same sources added that tensions at their highest as the command of the 111 Brigade rejected the Saudi-backed  defense Minister’s orders and considered him a part of the problem.

They pointed out that a tribal mediation is trying to defuse tensions after military movements.