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Popular campaign calls on UN to pressure coalition to open Al-Rayyan, Al-Ghaydah airports

SANAA, May 16 (YPA) – Activists in the Yemeni southern provinces launched Monday a campaign on social media calling on the United Nations to pressure the Saudi-led coalition to open Al-Rayyan and Al-Ghaydah airports in Hadramout in Mahra provinces, eastern Yemen.

Activists described the continued closure of Al-Rayyan Airport in Hadramout by the UAE, which was turned it into a military base, as “insolence and lack of modesty.”

Abdullah Badbian, Legal Adviser – Head of Insaf Legal Club – Member of Amnesty International, said that the continued closure of Al-Rayyan Airport is “illogical and humanitarian, regardless of the reasons and justifications.”

While the activist Shefaa Al-Nasser asked after the opening of Sanaa Airport, saying: “What about Al-Rayyan airport file, which has been closed to local and international flights for 6 years?”

Activist Ahmed Al-Awadi said: “Al-Rayyan Airport, Al-Ghaydah Airport, and Balhaf Port will not open unless Yemenis are united in the heart of one man.”

Activist Muhammad Saif Al-Jalal also called on the sons of Mahra to demonstrate peacefully in front of Al-Ghaydah Airport, as an expression of rejection of the foreign presence, and to demand the opening of the airport.

The coalition imposed its military control over Al-Ghaydah Airport, located on the Arabian Sea, far from confrontations at the end of 2017, turning the airport into a joint British-American-Israeli military base.