YEMEN Press Agency

Domestic gas cylinder sold for 35,000 riyals on Socotra Island due to UAE occupation’s monopoly

SOCOTRA, May 11 (YPA) – The price of a Domestic gas cylinder hit high figures due to the UAE occupation monopoly of on the Yemen’s occupied island of Socotra, Yemen Press Agency reported, citing local sources.

According to the sources, Khalifa Foundation, the UAE intelligence arm in Socotra, has raised the price of domestic gas cylinder to 35,000 riyals for one cylinder.

The sources confirmed that raising the price of domestic gas after the UAE’s ADNOC station had sold a gallon capacity of 20 Liters for 24, 000  riyals, causing multiple crises on the island.

The same  sources explained that the citizens staged protest after the Khalifa Foundation raised the price of domestic gas on the island, and distributed food to its loyalists.

The UAE is clamping down on Socotra residents deliberately and displacing them indirectly in search of better livelihoods both inside and outside the island.