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Human Rights office condemns crimes caused by lawlessness in Taiz

TAIZ, April 10 (YPA) – The Human Rights office of Taiz province, condemned crimes caused by lawlessness committed by US-backed Saudi-Emirati-led aggression coalition’s mercenaries.

In a statement, the office declared that an armed gang belong to one of the mercenaries leader, stormed Al-Hekma university in Taiz city and attacked its cadres staff and attempted to kill its boss.

The statement considered the repeated attacks of coalition’s mercenaries are acts of terrorism and may stop the educational process, holding the mercenaries responsible for this crime.

The office held the international community and the Security Council responsible for their silence on such crimes, calling for action to protect civilians and civilian objects.

The statement also called International and local human rights organizations to monitor this crime and others crimes in order to pursue the perpetrators and bring them to justice.