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Report: Yemen army conducts attacks against Saudi troops, its militias Over Wednesday


SANAA, Feb. 1 (YPA) – Yemen army has launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks to frustrate US-backed Saudi-led coalition militias and soldiers’ infiltrations over the past 24 hours, military officials to Yemen Press Agency on Thursday.


·        In Najran border province:

Artillery shelling bombed Saudi-backed militias’ gatherings in front of Aleeb mountains and Boqa’a desert.

Gatherings and fortifications of Saudi soldiers were bombed by artillery in Sudais and Dhaiaa sites.

A militias’ military vehicle was smashed by an explosive device in Khashbaa censorship.

·         In Saudi border province of Jizan:

Three Saudi soldiers were shot dead in Qewa and Hanedha villages.

Fortifications of Saudi army were shelled in Dhahr village.


·         In Asir Saudi border province:

Saudi soldiers’ gatherings and fortifications were destroyed by artillery beyond Sebahtal mountain, Hanjer censorship, and in front of Alab crossing.

Several militias’ infiltrations were repelled toward Om-Reeh mountain off Sebahtal mountain.


·         In Bayda province:

Yemen army waged an offensive operation on militias’ sites in Jamali hill of Qaifa, killing and wounding dozens.


·         In Lahj province:

Militias’ infiltrations were foiled towards  Hamraa hill and Hamalh of Karsh, killing and wounding dozens.

 Over 25 Saudi-backed militias were killed and injured when Yemen army fired a thermal missile toward their gathering in Karsh.


·         In Yemen province of Jawf:

A ballistic missile, Qaher M2, was fired toward a Saudi-baked commanders’ meeting in Mahamesha area of Kub-washaaf district.

Also in Mahamesha area, dozens of militias were killed and wounded by artillery that targeted their gatherings

A  military vehicle was destroyed by a guided rocket in Mahamesha.

·         In Taiz province:

A leader of ISIS, called Ramadhan Al-Ennabi holding Algerian nationality, was killed.

Dozens of militias were killed and injured during repelling their infiltrations towards Salh valley and Sarmain, inflicted heavy causalities.  

Three military vehicles of militias were smashed during the infiltration into Salh.

·         In Medi district:

Artillery force of the Yemen army shelled Saudi-backed militias gatherings in the north desert of Medi.



Sameera Hassn