YEMEN Press Agency

First operation in Saudi depth, legitimate response to lift suffering

SANAA, March 12 (YPA) – The first operation waged by the missile forces in Sanaa to break the siege, on the depths of Saudi Arabia, has come in response to the escalation of the Saudi-led coalition and its unjust siege imposed on the Yemeni people.

The operation also came as a logical result of the persistence of that coalition in following its dirty methods of restricting and preventing it from entering the related and necessary materials for life.

The operation was carried out by 9 drones, including Sammad-3 drones, targeted the Aramco refinery in Riyadh, and 6 Sammad-1 drones targeted the Aramco refinery and Aramco facilities in the Jizan and Abha regions and other sensitive areas.

This air cyclone by Sanaa came within the framework of the legitimate response to the aggression and the siege to prevent the entry of the UN-licensed ships loaded with oil derivatives, foodstuffs and medicine.

The blockade has a severe impact on life in the country, threatening the commercial and industrial movement to stop and causing severe damage to the agricultural sector.

On the other hand, the United Nations did not hold its responsibility in this regard, being the party concerned with facilitating the entry of imports of basic goods into the port of Hodeida.. as it has been swaying in the square of bias towards the coalition countries despite its recognition of the growing humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Based on all this, the countries of the coalition only understand the language of force, which is the best way to respond to all the crimes of the coalition and its targeting of all the necessities of life, its destruction of the infrastructure, its persistence in imposing the air, land and sea siege on the Yemeni people, as well its disavowal of its international obligations and its evasion of the language of dialogue as a modern and advanced method to solve all contentious issues.