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Report: Turkey seeks to expel Hamas military leaders from its territory

SANAA, Feb. 16 (YPA) – Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper reported that Ankara has been running a secret channel of talks with several countries in the region, including the Israeli occupation entity, “possibly with the aim of creating a new home for Hamas.”

According to the report, “the most intense negotiations were with Israel, which wants Hamas activists to be expelled.”

The report noted that Ankara had informed Hamas that “Hamas military officials will not stay in Turkey” and that it “will not provide military assistance to the movement,” adding that Hamas’ political activities in Turkey will continue.

The Israeli daily Yisrael Hayom reported that the Jewish state has so far not confirmed or denied the Turkish website’s report.

According to Zionist website “Walla”, a senior Israeli political official touched on contacts with Turkey and said about President Herzog’s possible visit there that Israel had not set conditions for Turkey in exchange for Herzog’s visit.

He added, “We are working cautiously on the subject of Turkey.”

“Certainly, the rapprochement process is very cautious. There are signs here and there, and we see, for example, a doubling of Turkish activity against terrorism targeting us in their territories,” the official said.